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BBC Breeding House Mission

To be totally committed and devoted to the advancement and promotion of the superior black male gender and race.
To serve and submit to every superior black male on planet Earth.
To be willing and prepared to breed with any and all black bulls whenever and wherever they demand it.
To do our part in any and every way that we can to pay the superior black men the reparations they are so long overdue for the years of suppression and oppression they have endured at the hands of our racist ancestors.
To help spread the gospel to every white woman in the world of the mighty and superior black men and most of all their immensely superior black cocks.
To create an organization of breeding houses all over the world where there will be white women and young women that are to be used as incubators for the purpose of mass production of the superior black race.
To one day live in a world where the black man is once again King and Ruler over all especially every white woman and their womb

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